Hobbies and Links

Here are some of my favourite links:

 My favourite band is Van Halen. I have been listening to them for the last 5 years and have had such classic hits as "Jump" and "Why canít this be love". They have just released their new album "3"


For any one who wants guitar tablature check out this page. I have been playing the guitar for7 years and get a lot of tab from this page. I have both an elctro-acoustic guitar and an electric with loads of effects


I also enjoy watching football and have supported Liverpool Football Club since I was 8. This link had excellent news updates for Premiership Clubs:


Iím also into computing and go to this page for desktop Win 95 movie themes. They have tons of movies here. I have Men In Black, Alien 4 and Forrest Gump.


Check out the company I work for at this site. I produced a lot of the presentations and documents that can be downloaded from it. They are an I.T. Recruitment company in Covent Garden and I have worked there for nearly 2 years now (the last 6 months part time).